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Hey you guys!

Hey everyone! I just joined, my name's Taylor and I'm from South Carolina. First off, i just wnt to say that I love Pat Mcgee... I think that they rule and they definitly have my vote for the best live shows ever!

Sister Hazel is joining up with Pat Mcgee this summer, and if you aren't familiar with Sister Hzel, then you should be because they're pretty darn awesome. A good way to know more about them is definitly join their street team, the Hazelnuts. It's really fun and you get awesome prizes for whatever you do to promote them. And if you join you aren't strapped down to do any amount of work, you can do as little or as much as you want. If you want to join, then go here: Join the i-squad now!

It's gree and really easy and really fun! They need our help, so promote them! :)
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